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Illustrations for Saving Grace

SAVING GRACE, is the surprising true story of a box turtle who was rescued outside a preschool in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Battered, sick, and missing a leg, the turtle might easily have been given up for dead, but was discovered and adopted by the dauntlessly hopeful children of Grace Lutheran Preschool, who brought it to a nearby veterinarian.  Grace, so named by her young guardians, became an overnight celebrity (appearing on local news, CNN, and Oprah) when she was returned to the children in good health and bearing a novel prosthesis: in place of her missing leg, Dr. Kim Lynch had attached a toy wheel.  SAVING GRACE is a story of hope, of the relentless compassion of children, and of the unexpected wisdom that comes from learning to live with a disability.

1 Overalls
2 She's a Turtle
3 Four Legs Not Three
4 Sit Very Still
5 I Lay in the Sunlight
6 An Angel. .
7 Preschool
8 Gus
9To the Vet
10 This is Our Turtle
11 OR
12 I fixed your turtle 2
13 Slowly I
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