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Praise for the Humility Rules

"This book could not be more perfect. The author shares withC. S. Lewis his rare talent of taking profound thought and turning it into thelanguage ordinary people understand. Many have tried to do as Lewis did, but ofthose who have achieved it, Father Augustine is the most successful."
-- Walter Hooper, LiteraryAdviser to the Estate of C. S. Lewis

 "My apostolate has worked with many thousands of teens andyoung adults. I know how real self-esteem challenges are forthem. FatherAugus- tine's book is a good antidote to this. It is full of practical,relevant advice based on a rule that's been road-tested for1,500 years."
--Curtis A. Martin, Founder and CEO of FOCUS

 "With warmth, wit, and honesty, Humility Rules presents a fascinating window into the way of the monk, showing how Saint Benedict's wisdom enables us to find freedom in Christ wherever we make our home."
--Dawn Eden, Author, Remembering God'sMercy

"Secular culture loves things monastic like monk-made bread and calming meditation. But the heart of the Benedictine life is humility. This deceptively lighthearted book offers a series of enlightening contrasts to make humility an attractive proposition today."
--Dom Christopher Jamison, Monk, Writer, Broadcaster

“This is an instruction book. It does not fit the mold of other “self-help” books because it does not care about your feelings. It cares about you, and how you deal with others, and God. Seems to me that is more important than your feelings.”—New Boston Post


“Who knew seeking humility could be such fun?

“ --Legatus Magazine


“in a small (and beautifully crafted) book with noble intentions, the reader may be surprised at the lightness of the author’s style. What I can say is that this lightness conceals a rapier wit which can do us enormous good.”


A lot of people are wary of religion because it seems to demand that we be perfect people sequestered from the rest of the world, but Father Wetta’s book definitely put that fear to rest for me. –National Catholic Register


“…if St. Benedict doing the Heisman pose elicits a quick smile, the “Humility Rules” method will hopefully enable a more permanent one.” –Rome Reports

Wetta is an all-rounder.—The Catholic Herald


Like the original Rule, Humility Rules is for men and women, young and old alike. It would make a fine graduation gift for any young person, in high school or college, and be of far more use to him than that popular currency of the Starbucks gift card.—New Oxford Review


Father is well educated and has two of his degrees from Oxford, but still speaks the language of youth.-- The Sooner Catholic


Author J. Augustine Wetta, OSB, does not talk down to teens, but rather challenges them to engage with their faith as they grow in virtue.—FranciscanMom

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